Welcome to the EWB Wiki

Helping Make the EWB-MSU Wiki Better

If you would like to help make additions to the EWB-MSU Wiki please create an account with Wikidot and click the join button at the bottom of the side panel. If you have any issues contact Eric Dietrich or send an e-mail to moc.liamg|usmbwe#moc.liamg|usmbwe with EWB Wiki in the subject line.

Proposed Hierarchy

Here's the way the wiki will be ideally designed, try to keep edits in line with it, or if you have suggestions for changes, email Eric.


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How To

Once you have an account, creating new pages is simple. The most effective way of creating a new page is to simply add a page tag as you edit an existing page. Before you add a link to a new page you should check the page list or do a search of the website to make sure the page does not already exist. (and if it does then simply link to that page in your writing.

  • Adding three square parenthesis around a page title creates a link to that page [[[start]]] like so start
  • If a link is created to a page that doesn't yet you will be asked if you would like to create the page
  • If a page already exists an edit button will appear at the bottom of the page that will allow you to edit the existing content
  • Using + or ++ or +++ before a title will format it as a lever 1, 2 or 3 level heading respectively (be sure to add a space after the +)
  • URLs, tables and pictures can all be created in the wiki pages using the buttons above the editing panel
  • A quick reference is available just below the editing panel with how to perform simple operations
  • Adding "member:" before a new page name will make that page only viewable by members
  • ALL edits can be rolled back to previous versions, so don't be worried about trying new things (do let somebody know if you need a page rolled back though as it might not be obvious)

Where to Start?

  • Until such time a great place to start would be to check out the General Discussion page for the latest news and happening around the budding wiki.
  • If you are beyond the stage of just watching and are ready to jump into adding content stop by the Needed Pages for an 'up to date' list of pages that need to be added to, or simply added.
  • Ultimately more information on this wiki is not a bad thing, so if the two previous options aren't for you and you simply have a burning desire to add a certain page to the wiki feel free. It would probably be a good idea to link it somewhere or at least mention it in the General Discussion though so your important page doesn't get lost in what will soon be a mighty wiki.
  • Have Fun

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