11 April 2011

At the meeting, Jeff and Texel announced that the board is considering switching the date of the Jubilee to sometime in the fall and the date of the fashion show to sometime in the spring. Next week a list of pros and cons will be presented at the general meeting, and then we will put it to the vote. So be there! We need your input! If you have any further ideas regarding this issue, talk to Jeff and Texel.

There are a few people who really need volunteers and help with projects so take a look at the announcements!

Travel team members need to talk to their project managers to sort out anything that still needs to be finalized. Also, there will be no knowledge transfer meeting this week due to the student research celebration. Go check it out! A few people from EWB will be presenting some awesome projects.

Weekend Update:
· Paperwork turned in on Sunday! Thanks to everyone who helped out this weekend.
· Helena trip: Matt and Joe
· Water Quality training

Project update – Project Manager Chris- We’ve been calling Jackson and getting updates about what’s going on in Khwisero to get ready for this summer. Four schools have been surveyed, but unfortunately we probably won’t be able to install wells at those four this summer. However, we are finalizing which schools we will be working at this summer!

Travel Team Meetings – Talk to your Project managers!

Newsletter - Heather and Tina are working on getting our spring news letter out. We need people to write a few short articles and help with the design. Contact Heather for more info moc.oohay|yennekcmjh#moc.oohay|yennekcmjh

Bozeman High School - Bozeman High would like past travelers to come do a short talk about their experiences in Kenya. Contact Kristen in person or at moc.liamg|namgni.jk#moc.liamg|namgni.jk

Student Research Celebration – Eric Dietrich – We need enthusiastic volunteers to man the table next Thursday, April 14th, 9-noon and 1-4. There will be 2-3 people per hour-long shift.

Morning Star Elementary School Lego Robotics Team – The Lego Robotics team needs some engineer-minded mentors to help students learn how to build and program robots. They will be using the robotics kits that Lego sells. Contact Karlina Popwell at moc.liamtoh|yad2sof#moc.liamtoh|yad2sof or (406)224-5297 if you are interested in mentoring the team.

Leadership Fellows Certificate Program The Leadership Fellows certificate designation is open to ALL majors, is designed to enhance your degree and provides professional development while obtaining your undergraduate degree. Over 150 electives from a variety of departments fulfill the necessary requirements-many also fulfill CORE 2.0 requirements. Contact Sasha Dingle for more information moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas#moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas You can also talk to John Rios if you have any questions. He knows a lot about this and has lots of good things to say! moc.liamg|831soirj#moc.liamg|831soirj

Amnesty International - Maternal Mortality Awareness this Wednesday (April 13th) from 12 to 1 on the Mall in front of Montana Hall

Anarchy Presentation – Matt Smith

Upcoming Events/Meetings
Video Conference with Ronald – Tuesday, April 12, 2011 PIC meeting
EWB-MOR lecture by George Metcalf and Deb Wahlberg – Thursday, April 21, MOR, 7:00-8:30 PM
Board Meetings – Tuesdays, 6 PM, EWB Office
PIC Meetings – Tuesdays, 7 PM, Dodge Conference Room
Knowledge Transfer Committee – Thursdays, 3:30 PM, EWB Office

Grant Writing – Matt Smith moc.ocenozob|ttam#moc.ocenozob|ttam; Jonah Barta moc.evil|atrabhanoj#moc.evil|atrabhanoj
Local Projects/Airplane – Larkin Guenther ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral#ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral
New Members – Nicole Kuha moc.liamg|514ahuk#moc.liamg|514ahuk
Pipeline Committee – Chris Maus ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc#ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc
Composting Latrine Committee – Joe Thiel ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj#ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj
Survey Committee – Molly Bruggeman moc.liamg|nameggurbm#moc.liamg|nameggurbm; John Rios moc.liamg|soirj#moc.liamg|soirj

EWB Office – 421 Roberts