12 September 2011

Engineers Without Borders Enabler for September 12, 2011

• Composting Latrines – Sarah will tell us how the composting latrines are going.

• Committees – Some regular committees are on hold due to our changing and growing structure.
• Football Game - Thank you everyone who helped at the last game! We're doing it again this Saturday from 8-2. Sign up with your name, phone #, and email!
• Fashion Show – Saturday, September 24, 2011!! Two more weeks! Kristen will give us an update on how things are going. The tickets will be done tomorrow so sign up to sell them in the SUB next week.
• Fashion Show Build Day – Saturday, 17th - 10am at 1213 South 5th Street. We’ll make signs and decorations. There will be pancakes.
• Bozeman Public Library – Wednesday at 7pm, some past travelers will be giving a presentation. Everyone is welcome to attend!
• Paint the Town - Anyone interested?
• International Children’s Festival – Saturday, September 17th from 10am to Noon in Bogert Park! If you’re interested in helping out, contact Debra De Bode at ude.anatnom|edobed#ude.anatnom|edobed
• Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program – Departments across campus have graduate students that are interested in mentoring undergraduates during research. Each department has a sign-up sheet so students can get in contact with a mentor. This is a great opportunity to become involved in undergraduate research! Contact Kate Morrissey for more information at moc.liamg|6yessirrom.etak#moc.liamg|6yessirrom.etak, or contact Nicole Kuha at moc.liamg|514ahuk#moc.liamg|514ahuk if you would like the information packet forwarded to you.

Upcoming Events/Meetings
Rainwater Catchment system – Tonight at 7pm there will be a project meeting to discuss the catchment system and other needs from Kenya.
Board Meetings – Thursdays, 5pm, EWB Office

EWB Office – 421 Roberts