18 April 2011


EWB-MOR Lecture this Thursday-International development experts Debra Wahlberg and George Metcalfe will give a free, public lecture at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 21, in the Hager Auditorium of the Museum of the Rockies. Wahlberg and Metcalfe will discuss what works and what doesn't in international development based on their combined 60 years of experience in some 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Balkans, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. As EWB is the lecture's sponsor, we need everyone we can to come and help. Please invite others. Contact Joe Thiel: ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj#ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj

Dinner at Ilse's Friday: Ilse Marie-Lee, the honors program director, is hosting a South African dinner at her house this Friday. The dinner was an auction item that sold for $1000 at last year's Jubilee. We need 3-4 people to help cook Friday afternoon. Those that help are welcome to join the dinner party. Contact Joe Thiel: ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj#ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj

2011 Burton K. Wheeler Center Spring Conference: The Cost of Water: Who Benefits? Who Pays? May 9-10 (Mon-Tue the week after finals) in Glasgow, MT. A conference featuring nationally and internationally known speakers intended to spur discussion of Montana's water future. The Wheeler Institute is a public policy institute dedicated to promoting discussion, analysis and eventual resolution of critical issues facing Montana and the region. Cost, $20 student registration fee plus lodging and transportation (a bus will be leaving Bozeman Sunday evening?). Contact Matt Smith (moc.liamg|3htims.j.wehttam#moc.liamg|3htims.j.wehttam) for more information.

University Easter Egg Hunt Planning Committee: We’re going to plan a university wide 'easter egg' hunt where EWB members seek out the university's 'eggs.' These eggs are the decision-makers and gate-keepers on campus that EWB should be connected with. We'll generate a list of locations for the event on Tuesday, and come up with teams.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Abby Richards and Sarah Codd are offering help to students who want to apply for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, a $121,000 award. The session is on Wednesday, April 20th at 7:30 AM in COB 326 and juice, bagels, and coffee will be provided. Pointers for essays will be given and they can also answer any questions about the general application process for graduate school. Contact Sarah Codd at (406) 994 1944 or ude.anatnom.eoc|ddocs#ude.anatnom.eoc|ddocs if you have any questions.

Our Kid Foundation: Jackie Robin, a travel team member from 2009, is looking for some team members this summer to take pictures of the kids playing soccer for the Our Kid Foundation. Our Kid is a soccer foundation for kids in Kibera. Jackie is connected to it through Ronald’s friend Bertil. Jackie and her sons are working on creating a website that will allow young people looking for a fundraising project to learn about Our Kid. They need people to take pictures and videos for the website. Please contact Jackie at 406-581-1772 or moc.esoomyrgnuh|esoom#moc.esoomyrgnuh|esoom.

Project Wet: People from Project Wet will be here and will be presenting tomorrow night at PIC

Bozeman High School - Bozeman High would like past travelers to come do a short talk about their experiences in Kenya. Contact Kristen in person or at moc.liamg|namgni.jk#moc.liamg|namgni.jk

Newsletter update - Heather

Morning Star Elementary School Lego Robotics Team – The Lego Robotics team needs some engineer-minded mentors to help students learn how to build and program robots. They will be using the robotics kits that Lego sells. Contact Karlina Popwell at moc.liamtoh|yad2sof#moc.liamtoh|yad2sof or (406)224-5297 if you are interested in mentoring the team.

Leadership Fellows Certificate Program The Leadership Fellows certificate designation is open to ALL majors, is designed to enhance your degree and provides professional development while obtaining your undergraduate degree. Over 150 electives from a variety of departments fulfill the necessary requirements-many also fulfill CORE 2.0 requirements. Contact Sasha Dingle for more information moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas#moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas

Amnesty International - La Fiesta Del Chivo (film) and panel on Human rights abuses in Latin America. Tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 6:00 in EPS 103

Next Monday! - Everyone, especially non-travel team members make sure to attend to hear about the IISD conference and get involved in some strategic planning for our next few months.

EWB-USA: Updates?


Surveys: John will be presenting on Sociological Surveys and Google Earth

Upcoming Events/Meetings
EWB-MOR lecture by George and Deb Metcalfe – April 21, 7 PM, MOR
Board Meetings – Tuesdays, 6 PM, EWB Office
PIC Meetings – Tuesdays, 7 PM, Dodge Conference Room
Knowledge Transfer Committee – Thursdays, 3:30 PM, EWB Office

Grant Writing – Matt Smith moc.ocenozob|ttam#moc.ocenozob|ttam; Jonah Barta moc.evil|atrabhanoj#moc.evil|atrabhanoj
Local Projects/Airplane – Larkin Guenther ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral#ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral
New Members – Nicole Kuha moc.liamg|514ahuk#moc.liamg|514ahuk
Pipeline Committee – Chris Maus ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc#ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc
Composting Latrine Committee – Joe Thiel ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj#ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj
Survey Committee – Molly Bruggeman moc.liamg|nameggurbm#moc.liamg|nameggurbm; John Rios moc.liamg|soirj#moc.liamg|soirj

EWB Office – 421 Roberts