19 September 2011

Engineers Without Borders Enabler for September 19, 2011

• Presentation of Award from Sylvan Learning Center - Class Act
• Structural Planning letter for EWB-MSU
• ClubFest– This Wednesday the 21st from 10-1 on the mall if the weather is nice. If not, it will be in the SUB ballrooms. We need volunteers! Sign up, and we also need someone to bring down the display stuff for the table.
• Paint the Town - This Saturday the 24th. Talk to Rachael moc.liamg|hcusrogeiram#moc.liamg|hcusrogeiram
• Football Game - Thank you everyone who helped at the last game! We're doing it again this Saturday from 8-2. Sign up with your name, phone #, and email!
• SmartyCats Tutoring - You’ll earn $9.50 per hour for one-on-one tutoring and $12 per hour for group tutoring.For more information, please visit www.msusmartycats.com, email them at ude.anatnom|stacytrams#ude.anatnom|stacytrams, or go to 177 SUB to meet with them in person.
• Stuff to keep in mind….
o MSU Friday Extravaganza - October 21st – We will need volunteers so keep it in mind if you would like to participate!
o Science Olympiad - A Week before Thanksgiving - If people are
interested in mentoring younger students e-mail the EWB account
moc.liamg|usmbwe#moc.liamg|usmbwe for more info.
• New Member Get-Together – Hosted by Patrick! 15 minutes after the general meeting.
Upcoming Events/Meetings
• Clubfest – Wedneday 10-1
• EWB-USA Project follow-up paperwork/grant submittal - Thursday at
7:00 in the Dodge Conference room (Second floor Cobleigh) Past
travelers and new members encouraged to attend!
• Board Meetings – Thursdays, 5pm, EWB Office (421 Roberts)
• Fashion Show – Saturday the 24th!!!

EWB Office – 421 Roberts