25 April 2011

This week was the last EWB meeting of the school year! We've still got a lot going on though! Check out the announcements. The Dean of Students talks are happening now, so go to them and let your voice be heard! There's also a NECO meeting tonight that will discuss MSU's Climate Action Plan and what we can do to support it.

On Saturday, Chris will be having a composting latrine training day that both travel team members and non-travelers are encouraged to attend. Take a look below for location and time. Bring a buck or two for doughnuts!

Tonight at the PIC meeting we'll be talking about the Scrolls of Destiny.

Also, Laura is presenting to a high school about EWB so talk to her if you'd like to help out.

The Regional Committee of EWB needs a representative from MSU so talk to Griffin if you are interested.

We also need people who will be in Bozeman over the summer to help out with some stuff. Talk to Jonah or Texel.

Keep a look out for emails regarding the Girls-Only and Guys-Only parties!!

EWB sends the best of wishes to everyone that is graduating or leaving this year. We'll miss you all so much!

Have a great summer!


IISD Conference – Presentation by Jonah and Heather

Composting Latrine Training Day of Awesomeness!!! – The training day will take place this week on on SATURDAY, APRIL 30TH! It will be at 9:00 AM in the garages behind Cobleigh Hall. Contact Chris Allen moc.liamg|nelladedraebeht#moc.liamg|nelladedraebeht

Group Photo

Summer talk- May 19th at 7:00 PM at MOR. Jaime Jelenchick will be our guest speaker.
Dean of Students – Multiple open forums will be held for students to come ask the four candidates questions. Mission statement: "The purposes of the Dean of Students Office are to act as an advocate for students, to consult and work with individual students and student groups, and to work with other campus offices in creating a sense of community at MSU. Assistance is available on a ‘drop-in’ basis or by appointment." The Dean of Students is an upper level administrator who is specifically directed to be an advocate on the students’ behalf. It is critical that the search committee gets student input and the only way for that to happen at this stage in the selection process is for students to attend the following forums and to be vocal about what we want in a representative.
Monday April 25 12:00 SUB 233 Wendy Santee
Tuesday April 26 12:00 Procrastinator Melvin Adams
Wednesday April 27 12:15 Procrastinator Eric Alexander
Thursday April 28 12:00 Procrastinator Matthew Caires

NECO Letter – NECO is composing a letter to President Cruzado and the upper administration addressing the Climate Action Plan (CAP) and to articulate a student desire for sustainable and environmentally conscious campus facilities. CAP is MSU’s effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and to integrate sustainable practices throughout university operations, instruction, and research. CAP is a three phase approach to carbon neutrality and energy efficiency. (more info on CAP »> http://www.montana.edu/sustainability/cap.html ) They would like EWB to sign the letter with them. On Tuesday, April 26th, NECO will meet at 6:00 PM in the northwest meeting room of the SUB for an informal question and answer session about the letter and what NECO wants to accomplish with it. Q/A will start around 6:30 PM.

Upcoming Events/Meetings
Board Meetings – Tuesdays, 6 PM, EWB Office
PIC Meetings – Tuesdays, 7 PM, Dodge Conference Room
Knowledge Transfer Committee – Thursdays, 3:30 PM, EWB Office

Grant Writing – Matt Smith moc.ocenozob|ttam#moc.ocenozob|ttam; Jonah Barta moc.evil|atrabhanoj#moc.evil|atrabhanoj
Local Projects/Airplane – Larkin Guenther ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral#ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral
New Members – Nicole Kuha moc.liamg|514ahuk#moc.liamg|514ahuk
Pipeline Committee – Chris Maus ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc#ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc
Composting Latrine Committee – Joe Thiel ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj#ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj
Survey Committee – Molly Bruggeman moc.liamg|nameggurbm#moc.liamg|nameggurbm; John Rios moc.liamg|soirj#moc.liamg|soirj

EWB Office – 421 Roberts