31 March 2011

Sunday Funday – Bozone Brewery Sunday Funday was this weekend. People had fun and we made some money!

International Institute of Sustainable Development Conference – Conference was great. We'll do a short summary tonight, and a little bit longer presentation to get those who couldn't attend informed is coming next week. We’ll continue the discussion in the coming weeks at PIC.

Friday work session - We need to get the travel paperwork finalized! The travel team should be at the Dodge Conference Room at 3:30.

Yellow fever shots! - Laura's working this, talk to her if you're traveling and haven't already booked a time.

PIC Meeting – PIC this week is working on the health and safety in Khwisero. Next week we'll be having a video conference with Ronald. Both are in Dodge. Tuesday at 7 in the Dodge Conference room.

EWB Retreat- Katie Ritter and Zach Gartner are showing a short video summary of the retreat at the Lindley Center two weeks ago.

Newsletter - Heather is working on getting our spring news letter out. We need people to write a few short articles and help with the design. Contact Heather for more info moc.oohay|yennekcmjh#moc.oohay|yennekcmjh

Leadership Fellows Certificate Program- The Leadership Fellows certificate designation is open to ALL majors, is designed to enhance your degree and provides professional development while obtaining your undergraduate degree. Over 150 electives from a variety of departments fulfill the necessary requirements -many also fulfill CORE 2.0 requirements. Contact Sasha Dingle for more information. moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas#moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas

Reclaiming Art – The show opened a couple days ago. Some of the fashion show outfits will be on display, so try to stop by the Emerson if you get a chance.

Bozeman High School- Bozeman High would like a past traveler to come do a short talk about their experiences in Kenya. Contact Kristen in person or at moc.liamg|namgni.jk#moc.liamg|namgni.jk

Water Quality in Khwisero- Adam Sigler, Nicole Kuha, and Kendall Saboda are doing a presentation on the results of the water quality testing done last summer.

Functional Anarchism- Matt Smith will be giving a presentation on Functional Anarchism and how it relates to our chapter of EWB.

Grant Writing – Matt Smith moc.ocenozob|ttam#moc.ocenozob|ttam; Jonah Barta
Local Projects/Airplane – Larkin Guenther
New Members – Nicole Kuha moc.liamg|514ahuk#moc.liamg|514ahuk
Documentary – Katie Ritter moc.em|rettir.k#moc.em|rettir.k
Pipeline Committee – Chris Maus ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc#ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc
Composting Latrine Committee – Joe Thiel ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj#ude.anatnom.usm|leiht.hpesoj
Survey Committee – Molly Bruggeman moc.liamg|nameggurbm#moc.liamg|nameggurbm; John Rios

Upcoming Events/Meetings
EWB-MOR lecture by George and Deb Metcalfe- April 21, stay tuned for more information
Water Quality training- Saturday, 9:00
Board Meetings – Tuesdays, 6PM, EWB Office (Roberts 421A)
PIC Meetings – Tuesdays, 7PM, Dodge Conference Room
Knowledge Transfer Committee – Thursdays, 3:30PM, EWB Office