4 March 2011

Hey EWB! On Monday’s meeting, we had a presentation on water quality work that was done in Kenya last summer and on what needs to be done this summer. Keep a look out for an email about the training session this Saturday! Next week, Matt will be giving a presentation on Functional Anarchism, and Katie will also be showing her video for the retreat a few weeks ago.

Travel team members need to go to the work session on Friday to complete paperwork, and also talk to Laura to get your yellow fever shot if you haven’t.


Sunday Funday – Bozone Brewery Sunday Funday was this weekend. People and fun, and we made $45!

International Institute of Sustainable Development Conference – The conference was great. We’ll do a short summary tonight, and a little bit longer presentation to get those who couldn’t attend informed is coming next week. We’ll continue the discussion in the coming weeks at PIC.

Friday work session – We need to get the travel paperwork finalized! The travel team should be at the Dodge Conference Room at 3:30.

Yellow Fever shots- Laura’s working this, talk to her if you’re traveling and haven’t already booked a time.

Composting Latrines – Chris Allen is working on finalizing designs and paperwork to send in for approval, and he is also trying to get some paperwork done so that we can build composting latrines without getting permission from EWB-USA every time. Education efforts are also being discussed. This is a great way to learn more about the composting latrines, which are a very big part of our sanitation project in Khwisero. Talk to Chris if you’d like more info: moc.liamg|nelladedraebeht#moc.liamg|nelladedraebeht

PIC Meeting – PIC this week is working on the health and safety in Khwisero. Next week we’ll be having a video conference with Ronald. Both are in Dodge. Tuesday at 7.

Newsletter – Heather is working on getting our spring news letter out. WE need people to write a few short articles and help with the design. Contact Heather for more info moc.oohay|yennekcmjh#moc.oohay|yennekcmjh

Leadership Fellows Certificate Program – The Leadership Fellows certififcate designation is open to ALL majors, is designed to enhance your dgree and provides professional development while obtaining your undergraduate degree. Over 150 electives from a variety of departments fulfill the necessary requirements-many also fulfill CORE 2.0 requirements. Contact Sasha Dingle for more information moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas#moc.liamg|elgnid.k.ahsas

Reclaiming Art – The show opened a couple days ago. Some of the fashion show outfits will be on display, so try to stop by the Emerson if you get a chance.

Bozeman High School – Bozeman High would like past travelers to come do a short talk about their experiences in Kenya. Contact Kristen in person or at moc.liamg|namgni.jk#moc.liamg|namgni.jk

Grant Writing – Matt Smith moc.ocenozob|ttam#moc.ocenozob|ttam; Jonah Barta moc.evil|atrabhanoj#moc.evil|atrabhanoj
Local Projects/Airplane – Larkin Guenther ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral#ude.anatnom.usm|rehtneug.nikral
New Members – Nicole Kuha moc.liamg|514ahuk#moc.liamg|514ahuk
Pipeline Committee – Chris Maus ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc#ude.anatnom.usm|suam.rehpotsirhc
Composting Latrine Committee – Chris Allen moc.liamg|nelladedraebeht#moc.liamg|nelladedraebeht
Survey Committee – Molly Bruggeman moc.liamg|nameggurbm#moc.liamg|nameggurbm; John Rios moc.liamg|soirj#moc.liamg|soirj

Upcoming Events/Meetings
Functional Anarchism – Matt Smith, general meeting on April 11, 2011
Retreat Film – General meeting on April 11, 2011
Water Quality Training – Saturday, 9:00 at the Marsh Labs
Video Conference with Ronald – Tuesday, April 12, 2011 PIC meeting
EWB-MOR lecture by George and Deb Metcalfe – April 21, stay tuned for more information
Board Meetings – Tuesdays, 6 PM, EWB Office (Roberts 421A)
PIC Meetings ** – Tuesdays, 7 PM, Dodge Conference Room
**Knowledge Transfer Committee
– Thursdays, 3:30 PM, EWB Office