Best Practices

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A collection of stories, lessons learned and other accumulated wisdom intended to help us learn from our mistakes and occasional spontaneous successes. For a more academic treatment of similar issues, see the original member research and suggested readings page.

Note - People whose names follow list items in parenthesis would have good stories or knowledge to contribute.

Domestic Organization

How to perpetuate a kick-ass student organization.

  • EWB Pick-up lines - how to get fresh talent involved)
  • There's got to be more, but this might be something to focus on at a later date.

Travel Team Member Guidelines

Living and working in Khwisero.

Project Management

Not just for PM's!

Misc. Bits and Pieces that should probably be worked into something above

Representatives of EWB
Representatives of larger Kenyan community
Defining “community” in Khwisero
Defining community buy-in
Methods of community engagement
MEM elections story