Composting Latrines

Composting latrines is a new technology to the Khwisero community that attempts to solve several problems. Composting latrines provide an arena for potential water contaminating human waste to be transformed into a useful product (fertilizer) and kept out of the groundwater system along with the opportunity for schools to use the building for a long time preventing the construction of new pit latrines every few years that saves money and land.

Schools where EWBMSU has built Composting Latrines:
Ebushibungo, 2010
Ebukwala, 2011
Mushiangubu, 2011
Shirali, 20XX
Mushikongolo, 2011
Emwiru, 2011
Elwangale, 2010
Mwisena, 2009
Ekatsombero, 2011

Topics of Useful Information
The Science of Compost
A great resource is the Humanure Handbook, third edition

How to Build a Composting Latrine
How to Build a Composting Latrine at a School in Khwisero, Kenya, Spring 2011
This document provides a great overview of just how to build a composting latrine in Khwisero.
Download the PDF here

Composting Latrine Report by Chris Allen, Quinn Bloom and Tom Brown, Jan 2010
Another great resource that provides an overview to all aspects of building a composting latrine in Khwisero.
Download the document here

Composting Latrine Presentation
A PowerPoint explaining the good the bad and the ugly of building the first two composting latrines in Khwisero.
Download the PPT here

Designs of Composting Latrine

Maintenance of Composting Latrines
This document provides the basics for maintaining our composting latrines.
Download the document here

How to Make Concrete by Bronwyn Rolph, March 2012
A document describing what to look for in concrete quality, how it is made it Kenya, and how to test its quality.

There is also a good overview of concrete and beams called "Basic Information about Concrete and Concrete Construction" on the Current Projects page.