Daniel Swanson

Major/Knowledge Base:

Civil Engineering, Bio-Resources Option. Relevant coursework in surveying, hydrology, hydraulics and water chemistry. Has a large collection of documents created by other organizations relating to design and implementation of composting latrines.

Trips Traveled On

Phase V Implementation Trip, Team 3.

Other Involvement in EWB

Active Member Fall 2009-Present.

Projects Worked On

Composting latrine manual (English and Swahili versions). Primary designer of the Ebushibungo girl's composting latrine.

Things Left Undone/Commitments Made

Needs to design composting latrines of various sizes so that design work does not have to be completed on the fly. Preliminary designs for 2-stall, 3-stall, 4-stall, 6-stall and 8-stall latrines should be completed by January 1, 2011.

People Met

Jackson, Ronald, Patrick, Shadrack and others.

Technical Info

Problems Faced/Issues Arisen

Ideas That Came out of the Experience/Future Suggestions