Engineering Documents Manuals

Engineering Documents and Manuals

Here you can find documents that can help you learn about different aspects of construction and design.

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Basic Engineering Manuals

A Basic Guide To Concrete
by Bronwyn Rolph, moc.liamg|hplor.nywnorb#moc.liamg|hplor.nywnorb, 2012
This guide explains how reinforced concrete works, what to look for when assessing quality, and how to test it. I also briefly explains how concrete is made in Kenya.

Composting Latrine Construction Manual
by Andrew Bender, moc.liamg|7rednebwerdna#moc.liamg|7rednebwerdna, 2014
This guide explains how composting latrines are constructed and what to look for when assessing quality. It contains pictures of our latrines in Kenya and the construction process.