Eric Dietrich

Current Contact Info:

Major/Knowledge Base:

Civil Engineering, Bio-Resources Option. Relevant coursework in surveying, hydrology, engineering mechanics and general chemistry.

Fairly extensive leadership experience through Boy Scouts, EWB and other organizations. Media/Journalism/Graphic Design experience through high school student newspaper and work with the ASMSU Exponent. Experience with conducting sociology research in Khwisero through involvement with water use survey workgroup in spring 2009 and a USP research project in Summer 2010.

Trips Traveled On

Phase IV Implementation Trip, Winter 2009-10 Assessment Trip, Phase V Implementation Trip

Other Involvement in EWB

Active Member Fall 2008-Present. Board Member spring 2009 to present. Project Lead on MEM Pipeline Project throughout 2009-10 school year. Currently Knowledge Transfer Committee Head. Have also been involved with projects on Indian Reservations, event productions, presentations and recruiting efforts.

Projects Worked On


Things Left Undone/Commitments Made

Community expecting implementation of MEM Pipeline Project in near future. See MEM Pipeline Project for more information.

Should also share end product from research with community members at some point.

People Met

Jackson, Ronald, Patrick, many others….

Technical Info

Problems Faced/Issues Arisen

Ideas That Came out of the Experience/Future Suggestions

Stories (Optional)

At one point in college, I had free time. Then I joined EWB. Now I'm getting an education, instead.