EWB Project Reports

Here are the documents and project updates that we have sent into EWB-USA. They are full of awesome information! You can learn a lot about the community of Khwisero, team observations, and the history and research we have done. If you wish to travel, this is a great way to learn the information that you will want to know when you are on the ground!

EWB Project Reports

Early EWB Documentation

Phase 1 Main Body, EWB
This report contains information on our 2006 travel experience.
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Phase 2 Main Body, EWB
This covers the follow up trip to phase 1.
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Phase 4 Report, EWB
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Winter 2009-2010 Documents

Pre-Implementation, 525 B, EWB (JJ Larsen, Alisa Durkenheimer, Eric Dietrich, Sydney Stewart, Kalen Ramey, Megan Malone, Joe Thiel, Otto Stein)
December 2009-January 2010
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**Post-Assessment Report, 522, WWB (Joe Thiel, Eric Dietrich, Sydney Stewart, Annie Staudinger, Chris Maus, Alisa Durkheimer, Whit Gautreaux, Hilary Fabich, Bronwyn Rolph, Matt Smith, Otto Stein)
February 2010
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Summer 2010 Documents

Pre-Implementation, 525 B, EWB (Whitney Gautreaux, Chris Maus, Alisa Durkheimer, Joe Thiel, Kalen Ramey, Daniel Swanson,
Chris Allen, Luke Humphrey, Bronwyn Rolph , Tessa Mosdal, Eric Dietrich, Katie Johnson)

April 2010
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Winter 2011-2012

Pre-Assessment, 521, EWB (Eric Dietrich, Texel Feder, Erin McDonald, Scott Patterson, Michael Drake, Autumn LaBuff)
December 2011-January 2012

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