Project History

List of Trips

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Founding and Evolution

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How did EWB at MSU get started? A request from Kenya came through Ronald's project request to Engineers Without Borders. Here is Ronald's request.
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The history of EWBMSU's projects in chart format can be seen here.

Map of Khwisero


Dec-Jan 2004-05 - Initial Site Assessment

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Feb-Mar 2006 - Phase I Implementation Trip

Installed the well at Shirali.

Dec-Jan 2006-07 - Phase II Implementation Trip

Installed the well at Munyanza, constructed the first composting latrine at Shirali and filmed The Water Carriers.

Summer 2008 - Phase III Implementation Trip

Installed wells at Emwaniro, Ikomero and Ebuhonga, constructed a second composting latrine at Shirali and conducted household water surveys.

Summer 2009 - Phase IV Implementation Trip

Constructed a Biogas Latrine at Shirali, installed a well at Mwisena, built composting latrines at Mwisena and Ekatsombero, conducted further household water use surveys and began assessment work for the MEM Pipeline Project.

Dec-Jan 2009-10 - Pipeline Assessment Trip

Conducted technical assessment and preliminary social work for the MEM Pipeline Project.

Summer 2010 - Phase V Implementation Trip

Installed the Elwangale borehole, constructed large composting latrines at Elwangale and Ebushibungo, continued work on the MEM Pipeline Project, continued to work at Ekatsombero and evaluated the success of past projects.

Summer 2011 - Phase VI Implementation Trip

Installed large composting latrines at Emwiru, Mushikongolo, Mushiangubu and Ebukwala. Constructed Phase I of the MEM Pipeline Project and began implementation of a rainwater catchment system at Ekatsombero.

Winter 2011- Assessment Trip II

Summer 2012 - Phase VII Implementation Trip