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Civil Engineering Technology, Minor in Alcohol Appreciation and Women's Studies. Experience with concrete work and community development theory through an internship with the Institute for the Advancement of Parking Lot Awareness.

Trips Traveled On

Phase 37B Pre-Implementation and Assessment Work Party

Other Involvement in EWB

2008 Homecoming Float, Active Member Fall 2008-Spring 2010

Projects Worked On

Household water use surveys, latrine use survey.

Things Left Undone/Commitments Made

Presentation to the community of research data, told this one school we'd, like totally, give them a latrine next year.

People Met

Jackson, Ronald, this one bartender at the Khwisero Market who's name I've forgotten

Technical Info

Data from research uploaded to ewbmsu google docs at [URL].

Problems Faced/Issues Arisen

I had a horrible time keeping my beard groomed properly. I suspect I should have done something about it to avoid scaring children.

Ideas That Came out of the Experience/Future Suggestions

A battery-operated shaver would be a worthwhile addition to the packing list.

Stories (Optional)

Ask me about chang'aa. Actually, don't.