Molly Bruggeman

Trips Traveled On
Phase IV Summer 2009 Traveler; Phase V Summer 2010 Project Manager

Projects Worked On/ EWB resumé to date

2008 Co-Organized the first Recycled Fashion Show

2008/2009 Silent Auction, Business Sponsorship and Basket Build Day Helper for Jubilee

2008/2009 Sociology Independent Study class for EWB Household Water Usage Survey in Khwisero

2009 Health Committee Chair- we explored possible health projects in Khwisero

2009 Traveler on Team 2 (Matt Smith, Cameron Chen, John Rios plus Erin Chamberlin and Dr. Erich Pessl each spent 1 week in Khwisero with us)

2009 MC and helper for the 2nd Recycled Fashion Show

2009/2010 Attended general, PIC (Project Implementation Committee), and some board meetings

2010 Project Manager for Team 2 (Quinn Bloom, Sydney Stewart, Daniel Swanson, Renee Orie). Sydney, Daniel and Renee were in Khwisero ~ end of May to July and Quinn and I were in Kenya until August 10th.

2008-2010 Coordinator for Eyeglass Clinic

Things Left Undone/Commitments Made

Technical Info

Problems Faced/Issues Arisen

Ideas That Came out of the Experiences/Future Suggestions

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