Munyanza Primary School

Munyanza Primary School is located in the central portion of Khwisero District. It is a short walk from Jackson's compound. EWBMSU has implemented 1 borehole well (2007).

This borehole is one of the ones with the orange water problem.


Munyanza Geophysical Survey
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Munyanza Orange Water Test
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Munyanza Authorization to Sink a Borehole
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Past Project Follow Up (2012):
The well is being maintained and managed well. The water is fine to drink, bathe, wash, and clean with, but turns orange when boiled or stored. The students use the water but the community does not need to, as they have water sources more nearby. The school is therefore unable to sell the water to gain funds. Currently, when the school runs into maintenance issues (they have had a lot of problems with the chain breaking) they have received funds from outside sources.