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History of EWB-MSU in a Nutshell

Engineers Without Borders is a student run chapter at Montana State University of a larger organization of the same name. We are currently working on the long term project of providing water and sanitation to all the Primary Schools in Khwisero Kenya, 63 in total. To date we have put in 10 boreholes with hand pumps for water supply, 13 composting latrines, 1 biogas latrine. and 1 rainwater catchment system. For a more detailed look at the current and past projects see Project History. Each year we hold large scale fundraisers to generate the necessary capital to send teams to Kenya. With so much happening both here and on the other side of the world, EWB-MSU is a great place to contribute to an active organization with a great reputation that is making a difference in the world.

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Travel Opportunity

Everyone who is interested, willing and able to travel is encouraged to apply. You do NOT need to be an engineer to travel to Kenya. Engineering is only a small part of the work that is necessary for our project to be successful and sustainable. The engineering we do is relatively simple. Our design work is all approved by an EWB-USA Technical Advisory Committee before implementation. A professional engineer travels with us. In addition more senior members will mentor the newer members. (extend)

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