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A repository of reports, essays, etc. created by EWB-MSU members drawing on their experiences in Khwisero.

See also: Ongoing Side Projects (intended for a list of ongoing projects; this page is intended more as a repository for final/'working draft' products).

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EWB Project Reports

Travel Team Journals

Sociology and Communication Documents

Approaches to Development Work in Rural Western Kenya, Eric Dietrich
A term-paper written for the Honors Program's spring 2010 Africa seminar course, examining lessons learned from the 2009 biogas latrine project.
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Allocating Responsibility: Initiative and Community Ownership, Eric Dietrich
A paper written for the Koch grant seminar facilitated by Economics professor Rob Fleck in 2010, based on informal research conducted in summer 2010. Focuses mainly on explaining the governmental structure for water projects created by Kenya's 2002 water sector reforms in the context of the sustainability issues encountered by past projects in Western Kenya (e.g. Kifinco).
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Khwisero’s Context: Local Perception of Development Efforts in Rural Western Kenya, Eric Dietrich
The result of a USP research project from summer 2010, a description of local perception of development work based on formal interviews with several community members. Draft — last updated 5/2/2011.
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The White Man's Burden: Or How I Learned to Get Over Myself, Thomas Wells
An essay and account of a trip to Khwisero.
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(Old Ethos)/(New Ethos) = Paradigm?, Matt Smith
An essay for Inquire to Africa on the methods and effectiveness of foreign aid.
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Field Notes From Khwisero My Observations in Attendance by Scott Patterson, February 2012
A summary of life in Khwisero through my observations described in words and photos. This is my useful product that was requested in exchange for the club's contribution to my travel expenses.
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Gender, Water Carrying, and Other Household Chores in Western Kenya by Quinn Bloom, April 2011
This is Quinn's Sociology Capstone report that summaries the methodology and results of >700 household surveys recorded in Khwisero, Kenya. Quinn attempts to put some data to the assumptions EWBMSU and other NGO organizations have about the impact of water projects in western Kenya.
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Engineers Without Borders at Montana State University Khwisero Household Water User Survey Methodology by Molly Bruggeman and Rebecca Gleason, Fall 2008
An extensive report describing the methodology used in collecting and evaluating the household survey data used in by EWBMSU members in Khwisero, Kenya.
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An Assessment of the Relationship Between Khwisero District, Engineers-Without-Borders-USA (EWBUSA), Engineers-Without-Borders-Montana State University (EWBMSU) 2004-2011 by Khwisero Water Development Project (local organization), June 2011
This report was prepared by members of the Khwisero Water Development Project (KWDP), which is a local organization concentrated on water projects in Khwisero. EWBMSU students have interacted with KWDP members for several years. This report is a third party critic of EWBMSU relationship with the community in which it serves. This is a rare opportunity to learn how we are doing.
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A Volunteer's History of EWB at MSU by Quinn Bloom(?), Feb 2010
This is a personal account of one volunteer's perspective of EWB at MSU while a club member. It also provides some background on the history of the club.
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EWBMSU Project Thoughts by Jeffrey Larsen
A personal account of one volunteer's perspective of EWBMSU's projects with specific details at several of the schools.
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EWBMSU Sustainability Through a Mufti-Disciplined Approach Spring 2010
A PowerPoint presentation explaining EWBMSU approach to sustainable development.
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Project/Technical Documents

Khwisero Water Projects, Kalen Ramey
A USP research project conducted in summer 2010, gathering together information about as many of Khwisero's historical water projects as possible.
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Download list of projects here

Economic Analysis of Property Rights: Deep-Water Borehole, Western Kenya, Matt Smith
A working paper for EWB written in Spring 2011.
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List of Khwisero Projects (created 2009), Kalen Ramey
A thorough list of projects present in Khwisero in 2009. Contains details of their status in 2009.
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Project Thoughts (date unavailable), Jeffrey Larsen
A collection of goals and project suggestions for different schools, including: Mwisena Primary School
Ekatsombero Primary School
Shirali Primary School
Munyanza Primary School
Ebuhonga Primary School
Emwaniro Primary School
Mundeku, Ebuyonga, and Emutsasa Primary Schools
Ikomero Primary School

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Low Ph Corrosion by Michael Lavell, August 2010
A final USP report that looked into the orange water problem.
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