Our Relationship With The Community

In order to effectively achieve our mission, we constantly work to foster our relationship with the people of Khwisero. This involves creating methods of communication and collaboration that are compatible with both our chapter at MSU and the Khwisero community.

Communication from Montana State

We have many different methods of communicating with Khwisero, including the Khwisero Board, our Project Coordinator Jackson Nashitsakha, and many other resources. Learn more about the people we communicate with in People We Know.

Communication on the Ground

While on the ground we attempt to work at maintaining on reaching out to the community. We try to use a methodology that is familiar to Kenyan culture.

How do other Kenyan organizations communicate?

The Kenyan government and other local institutions use flyers and meetings in order to communicate with citizens. Although these methods seems to be their most effective methods, this does not necessarily suggest that the grand majority of Kenyans are up-to-date on the going-ons of these organizations.

How we Communicate


Barazzas are meetings where parents of the students and local community members are invited to come and learn of developments affecting their community. They can be seen as a sort of Parent-Teacher meeting. Board members of officials heading the developments explain what to expect so that members of the community are aware of our plans.