People We Know

A list of contacts we have a working relationship with. These individuals and / or groups may be in the United States, Khwisero, Kenya or elsewhere.


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David Bartecchi
Director of Village Earth Not-For-Profit Corporation
Facilitated EWBMSU workshop on April 3-4, 2010

Kenya Team Members and Associates

Ronald Omyonga

Project initiator. An architect based out of Nairobi who grew up in Khwisero.

Jackson Nashitsakha

Project Coordinator since 2008. Ronald's uncle, a local farmer who has extensive experience with water and other development projects.

Patrick Otwoma

EWB Fellow, Khwisero West. Former member of Emwaniro Water User Committee. Patrick has great knowledge of youth organizing in Khiwsero, and currently serves as a district-wide youth representative.

John Ochanji

EWB Fellow, Khwisero Central. John owns a welding business in Khwisero market. His family lives in Mumias, which makes John part of the Wanga clan (Khwisero is made up of mostly Kisa or Samia clansmen). John's background is in accounting.


EWB Fellow, Khwisero East.

Francis Ashira

Former Project Coordinator (pre 2008) and currently a politician. Francis owns a computer shop in Khwisero market.

Stephen Olieka

A friend of Ronald's and an accomplished Electrical Engineer, Stephen grew up in the Emwaniro community and now works as the head of human resources for Mumias Sugar.

EWB-Khwisero Board Members

Government Officials

Constituency Development Fund Office

District Commissioner (DC)

District Education Officer (DEO)

District Water Officer (DWO)

District Development Officer (DDO)

Other organizations active in Khwisero

Khwisero Water Development Project (KWDP)

Action Aid

Contacts at Schools in Khwisero





Emwaniro/MEM Schools







Others contacts or organizations in Western Kenya

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Local Organization That We Have Made Connections With

Project Wet

Project Wet is a organization founded in Bozeman that works to promote water education. They have worked all over the world. Our chapter has received a grant from them to collect data from the Khwisero community and promote hand-washing and sanitation practices.

EWB members with more information: Matt Smith, Heather McKenney, John Rios, and Autumn LaBuff
You can find their website here.

Maseno University

Maseno University is a university located near the Khwisero region. Their sociology and anthropology department has shown an interest in working with EWB to perform sociological studies and projects. This is a great resource as it gives us a chance to work with people with strong understanding of sociology who are from the Khwisero area.

You can check out the main university website here

Meseno U. Contact: Felix Kioli, can email. Contact Joe for his information.

EWB members with more information: Joe Thiel, Matt Smith

Lifestraw Campaign In Western Province

The Lifestraw Campaign has developed a filter that they claim eradicates the need to boil water in order to sanitize it. The have use this claim to fund their projects on carbon offsets.

This claim is somewhat interesting, considering that from our club's own experience, Kenya households do not boil their water. An online publication by Kevin Starr in "Wash News Africa" has already suggested that the group's claim is "bogus". You can find his article here. This topic has the potential to make an interesting and informative sociological survey if a member of EWB wished to research it.

This group has taken a lot of household data. They have used smart phones to create databases mapping out Kenya households that are equipped with the filters. Essentially they have created their own form of google-style mapping. Our members were told that they have mapped out around 90% of the Western Province. They have been using this data to keep track of the use of filters. They may be willing to share their data with us.

The Lifestraw website can be found here.

EWB members with more information: Joe Thiel

Vision 20/30 Report

This is a Kenyan government development initiative. This group has gather demographic data, much like the U.S. census, in order to plan for the future of Kenya. We do not know what methods they have used to gather data, but we know that they are concerned with the poverty and development in the area.

This site gives the 5 year plan for Vision 20/30 as well as the Kenyan government's plans for development. view site

A report given by the organization can be found here

Contact: Jane Rose is the Khwisero Distribution Development Officer. She is also a Khwsero board member. Contact Matt Smith to get her contact information.

EWB members with more information: Joe Thiel, Matt Smith


ActionAid is a British based NGO that has been in Khwisero since 2009. Their three main concerns in order of highest priority are: agriculture and food security, water sanitation, and empowerment of women and children.

Their local employee office is near where we work. They have very impressive household surveys and data.

Their website is here

EWB members with more information: Joe Thiel

Khwisero Watre Distribution Project (KWDP)

Founded by Jill and Poko Inyundo and dircected by Stanley Kateichi, this organization is working on water sanitation and accessibility. They have information of water locations, spring quality, and other water data dating back past the history of our chapter. The have also communicated with our chapter over the years. Find more information by clinking on the heading.

Their website is here.

EWB members with more information: Joe Thiel

Bakura Agricultural College

This college presents the possibility to receive help and collaborate on agricultural projects, such as soil testing, erosion control, weed control, and new crop varieties. A good resource for MSU agricultural students or professors interested in using their skillset.

Bakura Ag. Collect Contact: Norah Smith, associate dean

EWB members with more information: Joe Thiel