Phase II Implementation Trip

Travel Team Members:
Peter Jacobsen (project manager)
Chris Allen
Callie Blackwood
Quinn Bloom
Shena Buxbaum
Jaime Jelenchick
Andrea Orr
Jon DeGroot

  • Oversaw drilling of borehole at Munyanza Primary School.
  • Constructed a pilot composting latrine at Shirali.
  • Meeting with members of School Management Committee and surrounding community at Emulunya Primary School. Geophysical survey of Emulunya school grounds.
  • Geophysical surveys of six additional schools, including Ikomero, Ebuhonga, Emwaniro, and Ebukwala.
  • Water-use surveys at households surrounding Shirali Primary.
  • Hand washing posters at Shirali and Munyanza primary.
  • Collected footage for "The Water Carriers" documentary film.