Phase III Implementation Trip

Travel Team Members: [Could organize by team]

Chris Allen (project manager)
Quinn Bloom (project manager)
Katie Baldwin
Jon Ehresman
Aubrie Eisenhart
Rebecca Gleason
Annie Hansen
Katy Hansen
Jaime Jelenchick
JJ Larsen
Jordan McNaught
Laura Moon
Adam Sigler
Griffin Stevens

  • Oversaw drilling of boreholes and installation of handpumps and gantries at Ikomero, Emwaniro, and Ebuhonga primary schools. Oversaw installation of gantries at Shirali and Munyanza primary school.
  • Construction of a second pilot composting latrine at Shirali Primary School.
  • Trained School Management Committee and community members at Shirali, Munyanza, Ikomero, Emwaniro, and Ebuhonga primary schools in handpump maintenance and water user committee management.
  • Trained 28 community members to conduct household water-use surveys at 750+ households around Shirali, Munyanza, Ikomero, Emwaniro, and Ebuhonga primary schools.
  • Trained seven focus group facilitators and conducted four focus group interviews in Khwisero.
  • Trained Kenya Team member to collect GPS and water flow data for all schools in Khwisero. Collected additional information necessary to build Khwisero map.
  • Facilitated formation of Khwisero EWB board to help rank and select schools for future work in water and latrines.
  • Collected sound clips for radio documentary.
  • Collected information about past water projects and community based income generating activities in Khwisero.
  • Two showings of "The Water Carriers" documentary in Khwisero.
  • Met with newly elected MP (Evans) to discuss cost sharing plan for possible water pipeline from Emwaniro.

[Could add more details here. Which teams/who did what? What happened when? What types of issues came up? What lessons were learned?]