Pic 9 Nov 2010

Topic of Discussion: Proposed Reimbursements for Khwisero Team Aug 24- October and Budget

- Budget from Jackson included 2400 ksh/meeting for monthly meetings w/ the four fellows
- PIC agrees that 2400/month for fellows meetings is fine
- PIC wants to ask Jackson for more details about the 5,500/month ‘transport airtime & email’ budget allocation
- PIC wants to ask Jackson to provide more options/vendor quotes for the table that we need to buy for the Khwisero EWB office- currently we only have a quote from one vendor, (John @ the Khwisero market who makes metal furniture, made the gates around our boreholes and made the metal covers for the latrine holes @ Ebushibungo Primary School) → Eric says that MSU student government asks for multiple quotes before deciding whether to fund proposals
- PIC wants to ask Jackson to price out/get multiple quotes on the “shelves of timber” for the Khwisero office
- PIC approves ‘electricity’ for Khwisero office budget item
- PIC approves 2 more bags of cement to fix/finish Ebushibungo latrine plastering

Topic of Discussion: The Umande Trust (Kenya NGO, works in slums throughout Kenya partnering w/ communities to build biogas latrine complexes) & their method of putting together budgets for construction projects

Quinn put up an overhead of Umande’s construction budget process, pointed out some of its interesting aspects and things about it that he noticed from volunteering w/ Umande last summer

Molly: Really like how Umande does-
1.) ‘sketching’ with community (having them draw sketches of what they want to have built e.g. what their latrine should look like and then trying incorporate those ideas when possible/if they make sense
2.) “simultaneous accounting” w/ community reps and construction workers in putting together budgets
3.) weekly accounting check-in sessions

Molly thinks those three would have been useful for preventing some of the mistakes and shortcomings in community involvement that happened in summer 2010 w/ the Ebushibungo latrine.

Eric idea: BRING LEGOS to Kenya to make 3D models
Quinn: Would be great- on a weekly basis we had differences between what we asked the fundis via 2D drawings and conversations, and what they actually did. 3D model would have helped.

Talk of creating a BEST PRACTICES GUIDELINE for building latrines at schools and incorporating the stronger elements of Umande’s method into it.

Chris: Also important to include context for the best practices document- go over things we learned a while ago that may not be fresh or in volunteers’ minds about WHY we think something is a best practice e.g. WHY we give money for construction to a treasurer instead of going out and buying things ourselves

Another idea: Could revise this Umande doc, work on it with the Kenya team

Talk of holding a work session for making a best practices guideline for latrines over Christmas break.

What do we want to talk about next week?
Eric expresses frustration about “lack of continuity between PIC meetings”
Quinn idea: See if anyone wants to volunteer to facilitate next meeting (Matt Rine volunteered to facilitate 11/16 PIC meeting) and we could rotate facilitators every week.