Rainwater Catchment System

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Rainwater Catchment System Handbook

The rainwater catchment system is an alternative that we can use at school that are not near an underground water source. Right now we are working on a system in Ekatsombero.

Meeting Notes that contain information on this subject

1/31/2012 The Project meeting notes address the need for a solution to the fact that our tank in Ekatsombero needs addtional support in order to place it underground. It also discusses issues that we need to figure out in regards to limiting flow in, and the sand filter process.

Ekatsombero Primary School Rainwater Catchment System (RWCS)
Based on the geophysical analysis groundwater is too deep to be accessible with a hand pump. A rainwater catchment system is being implemented to provide the ~720 students with drinking water. The RWCS was started during the summer of 2011 but not completed. The 2011-12 winter trip continued work on the RWCS by gathering site observations and survey data, but no construction. It is anticipated that construction will continue summer 2012 and hopefully complete. The components of this system are gutters on two sections of roof at the school, four first flush systems to allow large debris to exit the system, two large 5,000 L above ground tanks that will temporarily store the water before flowing through a sand filter, a buried 16,000 L water tank and a hand pump that will provide access to the water stored in the buried tank.

Based on meetings, observations and the confusion surround this project, Scott created a Project Log, which is intended to provide one area to put the information concerning this project. If you have information about this project please download the Project Log, add your information, add the new date and your name and upload the updated document.

Jefferson Moss updated the Project Log on February 19 and added notes from Summer 2011. Scott Patterson then added scanned images of PJ's field notes and sketch of the site survey. On May 12 Scott updated the document with information from Mohamed over the past few months.
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Why does Ekatsombero Primary School need a onsite water source?
This brief report provides data showing how far the students at Ekatsombero PS need to travel to acquire water.
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Geophysical Survey Report for Ekatsombero PS
This survey was used to see if a groundwater source can be utilized by the school. It can not be.
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What are the components of a Rainwater Catchment System?

How does a Rainwater Catchment System work?

Mike Lavell had done some work, including calcluations on the RWCS.