Shirali Primary School

Shirali Primary School is located in the central portion of Khwisero District. It is a short walk from Jackson's compound. Several projects have been implemented here by EWBMSU including 1 borehole well (2006), 2 composting latrines (2007,2008) and 1 biogas latrine(2009).


Shirali Borehole Permit
This borehole permit is for Shivali Primary School and I am unsure if Shirali = Shivali at this time. (SP)
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Shirali Geophysical Survey
This geophysical survey is for Shivali Primary School and I am unsure if Shirali = Shivali at this time. (SP)
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Shirali Borehole Water Quality Report
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Past Project Follow Up (2012):
No longer producing any water. Water production stopped around March 2013 and the school has not attempted to determine the source of the problem or a solution. When the borehole was producing water, the water was low in pH and causing corrosion issues, but the school reported that the students and community were still using the water.

Composting Latrines

Constructing the Shirali Composting Latrine
This document provides in pictures and words the steps for how the Shirali composting latrine was built.
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Past Project Follow Up (2012):
Working well. It should be ensured that the waste sits in the chamber for 1 year, however, before removal for secondary composting. The school may be waiting a shorter period. They have used composting manure on their crops and had success.

Biogas Latrine

Past Project Follow Up (2012):
3 of the 12 stalls are in use. All other stalls are blocked, for reasons which the school has not investigated. In June 2012, the school was advised to add 100 kilograms of lime to the fermentation chamber to dry up water. They instead added 50 kilos, which allowed methane production for about two days. Since then the latrine has not been functioning and the school has not attempted to repair or maintain it. Plants around the structure are overgrown and the structure is not maintained well.

Past Project Follow Up (2014):
Biogas is in disrepair due to a blockage in a pipe.