Sociology works on all sorts of sociological aspects. We have done surveys on water use, and attempted to implement social projects that allow us to maintain good relationships with the Khwisero community, as well as improve the effectiveness of our projects.

Past and Current Sociology Projects

Handwashing project

We have received a grant from Project Wet (See People We Know) to research and develop a project that will facilitate proper hand-washing education. A similar project was enacted a few years back, but was viewed as somewhat ill-received by the Khwisero community.

*EWB contacts: Molly Brughman, Lauren Hansen

Possible Collaborating Organizations

Many other organizations in the region also collaborate with the community. Collaborating with them and learning from their work is a great way to improve our understanding of the community and share our own resources and knowledge. Find these organization and learn about their focusses in People We Know under Local Organization that we are Connected with.

Meeting Notes