Travel Team Journals

A place to store full and summarized versions of the team journal kept by each travel team during their stay in Khwisero.

To Do -

  • Scan and post all available team journals
  • Write summaries of each

Summer 2010 Phase VI Team Journal

Summer 2010 - Phase V Implementation Trip

Winter 2009/2010 - Pipeline Assessment Trip

Pipeline Assessment Trip Team Journal

The Winter Team 2009/10 Team Journal can be found here.
Download the PDF here

Summer 2009 - Phase IV Implementation Trip

Summer 2010

Workplan for this summer's projects
Download PDF here

Winter 2011/2012

The team journal should go here.

During the visit to Khwisero the Winter Travel Team met with the Khwisero Board, Project Coordinator, the Fellows and the Project and Project Initiator and drafted a set of operating guidelines that will be used from now going forward. These guidelines will provide a basis for defining roles, responsibilities and set expectations. Though some of the guidelines are new most of them are not. The purpose of writing our operations down is provide clear expectations for all stakeholders. It should also be stated that these guidelines are can and should be updated as changes are made.
Download the document here

Download Scott Paterson's Project Log on the winter assessment trip (lot of information on the Ekatsombero Rainwater Catchment system here